Analytic is an Ability introduced in Generation V. It is exclusively obtained as a Hidden Ability.

Flavor text
Boosts move power when the Pokémon moves last.


In battle

If a Pokémon with Analytic executes its move after the Pokémon it originally targeted has already acted this turn, the power of its move is increased by 30%. Using a move and switching to another Pokémon count as having acted, while Mega Evolving, shifting, or the charging phase of Focus Punch do not.

In a Triple Battle, this means that if the Pokémon with Analytic is targeting a Pokémon in a flank position that chooses to switch with its ally in the middle, its move's power will always be normal when it attacks the Pokémon that is shifted into the flank position; but if the Pokémon with Analytic targets a Pokémon in the middle whose ally on a flank chooses to shift into the middle position, its move's power still depends on whether the Pokémon that was in the middle (and is now on a flank) has acted when the Pokémon with Analytic uses its move.

Outside of battle

Analytic has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Analytic

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Hypnopuff Hypnopuff Psychic Poison Forewarn Shield Dust Analytic
Hypnosmog Hypnosmog Psychic Poison Forewarn Shield Dust Analytic
Mystablet Mystablet Steel Psychic Magic Bounce Download Analytic


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