Brushus Town
"Feel the fresh beginning of a new life!"
Map description
A small town with fresh air and no machines, the perfect place for Baby-Pokémon.
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Required for navigation
Bag HM Normal Sprite Cut
Bag HM Water Sprite Surf
Bag HM Normal Sprite Strength
Bag HM Normal Sprite Flash
Bag HM Flying Sprite Defog
Bag HM Water Sprite Whirlpool
24px Rock Smash
Bag HM Water Sprite Waterfall
Bag HM Water Sprite Dive
Bag HM Normal Sprite Rock Climb
Bag Bicycle Sprite Bicycle
24px Mach Bike
24px Acro Bike
24px Go-Goggles
Connecting locations
Brushus Town
Cycling Path
Location of Brushus Town in Rikoto.
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Brushus Town is a small town located in the middle of Rikoto. Brushus Town is home to Rikoto's Pokémon Daycare Center. It is connected with Cycling Path, making it ideal for those who wish to have a 'homepoint' while they spend their time hatching Pokémon Eggs.

Places of interest

Daycare Center

A big pink building in the north of the town. You get a Pokémon egg from the owner, after this you can give them one of your Pokémon to raise.

There are three different eggs you can receive from the Day Care lady for free. Make sure you have a space open in your party to receive the egg.

The first egg contains a Poison type Pokémon, and is primarily purple with pink circle splotches on it in various places, though only three are shown from the front.

The second egg contains an Electric/Fire type Pokémon, and is primarily yellow with a blue zigzagged line in the middle that is similar to the belly-stripe of a shiny Kecleon.

The third egg contains a Water/Dragon type Pokémon, and it happens to resemble Azumarill's belly pattern, with a blue upper half and a white lower half.

There is also a Nurse Joy here who will heal your Pokémon free of charge, and a PC inside the Daycare.

When you first visit, Rick tells you of how the Daycare works, and that there are free Pokémon eggs being given away-- however he rudely mentions that 'raising a baby is a waste of time'. After you pick from the three eggs, Keira will come in through the entrance-- and then her and Rick will have a conflict, due to Rick refusing to battle her for how 'weak' he claims she is. Then, Rick exits the Daycare Center.

Afterward, she reveals how upset she is with him, she greets the player and then goes over to pick out her free Pokémon Egg, with the Daycare Lady encouraging her choice. Oddly, Rodney is nowhere to be seen, though Keira states that she will battle with the player later on near the Goldune Desert Gate with the Pokémon that she hatches from her egg.


Herb Shop

Bag Energy Root Sprite Energy Root
Bag Energy Powder Sprite Energy Powder
Bag Revival Herb Sprite Revival Herb
Bag Heal Powder Sprite Heal Powder


Item Location
Bag Soothe Bell Sprite Soothe Bell From the man near the house to the left of the Day Care
Bag TM Normal Sprite TM10 (Hidden Power) From a man in front of the Herb Shop



Brushus is a combination of the words Brush and Surplus, brush referring to the greenery and flowers of the town, and surplus perhaps referring to the amount of Pokémon and trainers that are seen passing by in the town.

Brushus Town may be a reference to Celestic Town in the Sinnoh Region and Azalea Town in the Johto Region, due to how traditional it looks, (along with another famous town in Sinnoh that is also known primarily for a daycare, though unlike Brushus Town, it has a Pokémon Center).

Name origin

Language Title Meaning
Japanese 生け花隠れ家 (Kakuikebana Town) living flowers hideaway

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