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The Fairy Egg Group is one of the fifteen Egg Groups in Pokémon. This Egg Group contains 26 Pokémon.

If this Egg Group contains any Gender-less Pokémon, they will be unable to breed with any Pokémon besides a Formling (however, there are no Gender-less Pokémon in this Egg Group).

Pokémon in the Fairy Egg Group

Only in this Egg Group

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#055 LophugMini.png Lophug Fairy Unknown

In this and another Egg Group

Pokémon Type Other
#021 Lavenseed Lavenseed Grass Fairy Grass
#022 Lavenbelle Lavenbelle Grass Fairy Grass
#023 Lavenrina Lavenrina Grass Fairy Grass
#028 Doveheart Doveheart Fairy Flying Flying
#042 Pixwee Pixwee Fairy Bug Bug
#043 Pixilily Pixilily Fairy Bug Bug
#049 Rubball Rubball Normal Unknown Amorphous
#050 Rubbunny Rubbunny Normal Unknown Amorphous
#095 Phoxy Phoxy Fairy Unknown Field
#096 Phoxiven Phoxiven Fairy Unknown Field
#140 Feva Feva Poison Unknown Human-Like
#141 Fevira Fevira Poison Dark Human-Like
#142 Fevesta Fevesta Poison Dark Human-Like
#225 Snoozee Snoozee Ghost Fairy Amorphous
#226 Ghoullow Ghoullow Ghost Fairy Amorphous
#236 Pupetal Pupetal Fairy Grass Field
#237 Pupyro Pupyro Fairy Fire Field
#238 Puplash Puplash Fairy Water Field
#239 Felove Felove Fairy Psychic Field
#302 Aurorai Aurorai Electric Ice Field
#324 Tweetot Tweetot Psychic Fairy Flying
#325 Melotweet Melotweet Psychic Fairy Flying
#345 Fayely Fayely Dragon Fairy Dragon
#346 Fayegon Fayegon Dragon Fairy Dragon
#347 Fayedra Fayedra Dragon Fairy Dragon


  • Not all Pokémon in this Egg Group are Fairy-types. These include Rubball, Rubbunny, Feva, Fevira, Fevesta and Aurorai.
  • The Fairy Egg Group is one that shares its name with a Pokémon Type. The others are Water 1, 2 and 3, Bug, Flying, Grass and Dragon.
  • The Fairy Egg Group also has the least Pokémon that primarily belongs any one Egg Group, with only one, which is Lophug.
    • However, this counts for any Egg Group that has any Pokémon that primary belongs in any Group. The Dragon Egg Group, however, does not have any Pokémon that primarily belong in it.