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Goldune City
"The hot sand will keep you running!"
Map description
A gold digger city near the desert, with a hot climate, and a oasis in the center.
Goldune City Gym - Rikoto Gym #4
specialist Gym
Grain Badge
Grain Badge
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Required for navigation
Clippers Cut
Surfboard Surf
Strength Gloves Strength
Flashlight Flash
Hammer Rock Smash
Boardmotor Waterfall
Snorkel Dive
Bicycle Bicycle
Connecting locations
Fallrock Valley
Goldune City
Goldune Desert
Location of Goldune City in Rikoto.
Routes in Rikoto

Goldune City is located north of the Goldune Desert and is covered in sand. Just like Goldune Desert, Goldune City occasionally has a sandstorm blowing. It is the hometown of the Goldune Gym Leader, Dustin.

Places of interest

Goldune Gym

The Goldune Gym is owned by Dustin, a young man who specializes in Ground-type Pokémon.

Mushroom Maniac's house

She buys Small Mushrooms for $500, Big Mushrooms for $5000, and Balm Mushrooms for $25,000 respectively.

On the second floor, you can get a free Huskpup.

Move Deleter

Near the western side of the City is the Move Deleter who will delete any moves you need to.

Fossil Scientist

He will revive any fossils that you own. It's the house to the left of the Pokemon Center and to the southwest of the Gym.


There are ??? people living in Goldune City.

Poké Mart

Poké Ball Poké Ball
Pokémon Dollar200
Potion Potion
Pokémon Dollar300
1 Gym Badge or more
Great Ball Great Ball
Pokémon Dollar600
Super Potion Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Antidote Antidote
Pokémon Dollar100
Parlyz Heal Parlyz Heal
Pokémon Dollar200
Awakening Awakening
Pokémon Dollar250
Burn Heal Burn Heal
Pokémon Dollar250
Ice Heal Ice Heal
Pokémon Dollar250
Escape Rope Escape Rope
Pokémon Dollar550
Repel Repel
Pokémon Dollar350
3 Gym Badges or more
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion
Pokémon Dollar1200
Revive Revive
Pokémon Dollar1500
Super Repel Super Repel
Pokémon Dollar500
5 Gym Badges or more
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball
Pokémon Dollar1200
Full Heal Full Heal
Pokémon Dollar600
Max Repel Max Repel
Pokémon Dollar700
7 Gym Badges or more
Max Potion Max Potion
Pokémon Dollar2500
8 Gym Badges or more
Full Restore Full Restore
Pokémon Dollar3000


Item Location
Nugget Nugget (3x) In the north-east, south-west and from a man in the first house on the left from the entrance to the city.
Strength Gloves Strength Gloves From a Hiker in the house to the West of the Northern Gate
TM Ground TM28 (Dig) In the house near PokéCenter
Earth Plate Earth Plate From the ranger if you have a ground-type in your party
TM Rock TM37 (Sandstorm) From the man in the PokéCenter (Quest)
Expert Belt Expert Belt From blackbelt in the exit if your Pokémon are strong enough


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Angling Angling
Surfing Surfing
15-20 60%
Platyplat Platyplat
Surfing Surfing
15-20 40%
Angling Angling
Old Rod Fishing
Old Rod
5-10 100%
Angelish Angelish
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
20-25 20%
Angling Angling
Good Rod Fishing
Good Rod
15-20 80%
Angelight Angelight
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
35-40 60%
Angelish Angelish
Super Rod Fishing
Super Rod
25-30 40%
Special Pokémon
Huskpup Huskpup
Gift Gift
20 one
Rexite Rexite
Teeth Fossil Teeth Fossil
20 one
Stegron Stegron
Plate Fossil Plate Fossil
20 one


  • The background music is from Driftveil City from the Generation 5 Pokemon games.

Name origin

Language Title Meaning
German Golddünenstadt from Gold, Dünen und Stadt.

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