A Hidden Machine, HM for short is an item that, like a TM, is used to teach a Pokémon a move.

The difference between a TM and an HM is most pronounced in the earlier games in the series, where TMs were single-use items while HMs could be used an unlimited amount of times after they were obtained. HMs, unlike TMs, could not be sold for money, and the moves contained within could not be forgotten by Pokémon under normal circumstances. An HM move could be used by Pokémon even if they had fainted during battle.

All HM moves have the ability to be used outside of battle in the games they are HMs in, though a move's ability to be used outside of battle does not mean that it is necessarily an HM move. To be used outside of battle, specific Badges must be obtained by the player prior to Generation V to advance the game's storyline.

Generation WTI

There are six HM moves obtainable in the Rikoto Region. They will not only allow Pokémon to use the move in battle, but also use them as field moves.

HM Move Location found
HM01 Cut Serpentine City
HM02 Fly Coralite Lighthouse
HM03 Surf Waytide City
HM04 Strength Goldune City
HM05 Waterfall Greenpine City
HM06 Dive ???


In other languages

Language Title
 European French Capsule Secrète (CS)
 German Versteckte Maschine (VM)
 Italian Macchine Nascoste (MN)
 European Spanish Máquina Oculta (MO)