Intimidate is an Ability introduced in Generation III.

Flavor text
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.


In battle

Intimidate lower's the Attack of all opponents by one stage when the ability-bearer switches in (including the start of a battle).

Outside of battle

If a Pokémon with Intimidate is the leading party Pokémon, wild Pokémon are 50% less likely to be lower level.

Pokemon with Intimidate

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
TaraterrorMini Taraterror Bug Dark Swarm Intimidate Immunity
DracubatMini Dracubat Dark Flying Bloodthirst None Intimidate
CountulaMini Countula Dark Flying Bloodthirst None Intimidate
PupoolMini Pupool Water Water Intimidate Water Absorb Sheer Force
PooldogMini Pooldog Water Water Intimidate Water Absorb Sheer Force
BulkerMini Bulker Fighting Fighting Pressure Inner Focus Intimidate
TrollgerMini Trollger Dark Fairy Anger Point Intimidate Sheer Force
MersidonMini Mersidon Water Electric Swift Swim Lightning Rod Intimidate
ElestompMini Mega Elestomp Ground Ghost Intimidate None None
BullsonMini Mega Bullson Normal Fighting Intimidate None None
HippondMini Hippond Water Ground Own Tempo None Intimidate
HippotoneMini Hippotone Water Ground Unaware None Intimidate
TigacoreMini Tigacore Fire Fire Intimidate None None
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