Pokemon Solar Light & Lunar Dark Wiki

This page lists all the new abilities that have been proposed/created specifically for Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar Dark. Many of these are signature abilities. There are also some slightly changed original Abilities.

See also:

  • New Moves - proposed and implemented new moves, often signatures

New Abilities

Name Effect Pokémon Implemented?
Amperate Normal-type moves become Electric-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little. AetheraRushotDynaballGrenatric Yes (Tested)
Bloodthirst The user's biting moves will also heal 1/8th of its total HP. VambatDracubatCountulaMosliquo Yes (Tested)
Bouncy Inflicts recoil damage to the foe when attacking with a physical move. RubballRubbunny Yes (Tested)
Equilibrium All stat changes, status alignments, weathers, terrains and field effects are removed when the user switches in. Cellance Yes (still testing!)
Flame Eater Restores HP if hit by an Fire-type move, instead of taking damage. Gaslit Yes (Tested)
Lunar Diffuse The user sets up Midnight Terrain for 5 turns upon entering the field. Lunaro Yes (Tested)
Refractive Inflicts 1/8 HP damage to the attacker when attacked with non-contact moves. Gemmany Yes (Tested)
Sandman Contact with the Pokémon may inflict sleep on its attacker. Dozand Yes (Tested)
Scarecrow Pokémon with Scarecrow makes it immune to Flying-type moves. Scrow Yes (Tested)
Solar Diffuse The user sets up Shining Terrain for 5 turns upon entering the field. Solaran Yes (Tested)
Sunbathe During intense sunlight, the bearer will regain 1/8th of its maximum HP at the end of each turn. LegenixEclipoEclipser Yes (Tested)

Changed Abilities

Name Effect Pokémon Implemented?
Ice Body Now heals 1/8 Max HP each turn under hail. OrcailJelliticJellikingNawaleCrysillaCryscoonCrystiwingColcubSubearoPolarpowCarbonixCarbonitroPufflePuffpeak Yes
Rain Dish Now heals 1/8 Max HP each turn under rain. TadartDartoadKapplashMerkid Yes
Iron Fist Now boosts punching moves by 50%. CrablueRocksterGroillaGroillumKongrillaApeinSascrush Yes
Strong Jaw Now affects Hyper Fang as well. RexiteTarexiteSkeledeepIsealcleSealberg Yes