Orshore Town
"Where the land meets the sea!"
Map description
A beautiful, lively town near the ocean with a charming beach.
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Required for navigation
Bag HM Normal Sprite Cut
Bag HM Water Sprite Surf
Bag HM Normal Sprite Strength
Bag HM Normal Sprite Flash
Bag HM Flying Sprite Defog
Bag HM Water Sprite Whirlpool
24px Rock Smash
Bag HM Water Sprite Waterfall
Bag HM Water Sprite Dive
Bag HM Normal Sprite Rock Climb
Bag Bicycle Sprite Bicycle
24px Mach Bike
24px Acro Bike
24px Go-Goggles
Connecting locations
Route 5
Orshore Town
Battle Bridge
Location of Orshore Town in Rikoto.
Routes in Rikoto

Orshore Town is situated in the center of the Rikoto region. It lies near the ocean, and is connected by the Battle Bridge to Docking Port.

It's the hometown of Rikoto's famous PokéBall producer, Burt.

Place of interest


This is the town where the PokéBall maker Burt lives, the twin brother of the PokéBall maker Kurt in Johto.

Burt has also managed to grow 3 new kinds of Apricorns; a very rare kind, the Orange Apricorn, the Purple Apricorn, and the Grey Apricorn.

Apricorn Ball Description
White Quick Ball A ball used to catch Pokémon at the start of a battle.
Black Heavy Ball A ball used to catch heavier Pokémon.
Red Level Ball A ball used to catch Pokémon that are a lower level to yours.
Blue Lure Ball A ball best to use if you use the fishing rod.
Yellow Moon Ball A ball used to catch Pokémon that evolve from the Moon Stone.
Green Friend Ball  A ball used to make a captured Pokémon friendlier.
Pink Love Ball A ball used to catch a Pokémon of the opposite gender.
Orange Alpha Ball A ball best used on evolved Pokémon.
Purple Rarity Ball A ball best used on Pokémon found in rare spots.
Grey Guard Ball A ball best used if the Pokémon has strong defense.


The population of Orshore Town is 15. It is therefore the 3rd-smallest town after Soltree Town and Mossy Town.

Poké Mart

Bag Poké Ball Sprite Poké Ball
Bag Potion Sprite Potion
1 Gym Badge or more
Bag Great Ball Sprite Great Ball
Bag Super Potion Sprite Super Potion
Bag Antidote Sprite Antidote
Bag Parlyz Heal Sprite Parlyz Heal
Bag Awakening Sprite Awakening
Bag Burn Heal Sprite Burn Heal
Bag Ice Heal Sprite Ice Heal
Bag Escape Rope Sprite Escape Rope
Bag Repel Sprite Repel
3 Gym Badges or more
Bag Hyper Potion Sprite Hyper Potion
Bag Revive Sprite Revive
Bag Super Repel Sprite Super Repel
5 Gym Badges or more
Bag Ultra Ball Sprite Ultra Ball
Bag Full Heal Sprite Full Heal
Bag Max Repel Sprite Max Repel
7 Gym Badges or more
Bag Max Potion Sprite Max Potion
8 Gym Badges or more
Bag Full Restore Sprite Full Restore


Item Location
Bag Full Heal Sprite Full Heal Hidden: in a garbage in the down-right house.
Bag Full Restore Sprite Full Restore Using Cut in the south of the town.
Bag Water Gem Sprite Water Gem From the Fisherman at the beach.
Bag Pearl Sprite Pearl On the left side of the PokéCenter.
Bag Blk Apricorn Sprite 2x Black Apricorn Left side of Burts house.
Bag Grn Apricorn Sprite 2x Green Apricorn Left side of Burts house.
Bag Ylw Apricorn Sprite 2x Yellow Apricorn Left side of Burts house.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
AnglingMini Angling
Bag Surfboard Sprite Surfing
15-20 70%
AquadMini Aquad
Bag Surfboard Sprite Surfing
15-20 30%
AnglingMini Angling
Bag Old Rod Sprite Fishing
Old Rod
5-10 100%
AnglishMini Anglish
Bag Good Rod Sprite Fishing
Good Rod
15-20 60%
AquadMini Aquad
Bag Good Rod Sprite Fishing
Good Rod
15-20 40%
AngelydroMini Angelydro
Bag Super Rod Sprite Fishing
Super Rod
35-40 80%
SmaquaMini Smaqua
Bag Super Rod Sprite Fishing
Super Rod
35-40 20%




  • The background music is from Undella Town in Generation 5.

Name origin

Language Title Meaning
German Strandlingen from Strand and a suffix for german towns.

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