Protean is an Ability introduced in Generation VI.

Flavor text
Changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it's about to use.


In battle

Immediately before using any move (except Struggle), a Pokémon with Protean as its Ability will change its type to be the same type as the move it is using. Protean always causes the user to become a single-type Pokémon.

Because Protean activates prior to executing a move, the user will receive same-type attack bonus on every move it uses (except Struggle) regardless of the move's type, and will always hit with the move Toxic.

When using a move that calls another move (such as Nature Power), the type of the called move will be considered. When using a move that can change type or if the move has been affected by Electrify or Ion Deluge, the type it changes to will be considered. When using a move that changes the user's type, such as Camouflage, first Protean changes the user's type to the type of the move, then the move will either fail or change the user's type again. When using Curse (unless its type is changed by Electrify), if the user is not already Ghost-type prior to the activation of Protean, Protean will change the user to Ghost-type, then the user will use the Ghost-type effect of Curse on itself (regardless of Follow Me and Rage Powder).

Protean will not activate if the move fails (unless it fails due to the activation of Protean), if the execution is interrupted entirely (such as by the effect of infatuation or confusion), if the move is prevented by heavy rain or extremely harsh sunlight, or if the move is prevented by Powder. Protean will activate even if the move misses, is blocked by a protection move, or fails to affect the opponent. Protean will still change the user's type when using Trick-or-Treat and Forest's Curse, regardless of whether the move successfully executes or not.

The user's new type remains in effect until changed again or until the user is switched out; negating or replacing the Ability does not change the user back to their original type.

Outside of battle

Protean has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon with Protean

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
GeckoneMini Geckone Psychic Psychic Protean None Wonder Skin
GeckoneMini Mega Geckone Psychic Psychic Protean None None
FormlingMini Formling Normal Normal Color Change Protean Imposter
ChamelecMini Chamelec Electric Electric Protean None Color Change
ChamelectroMini Chamelectro Electric Electric Protean None Color Change
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