Serpentine Garden
Description: A little garden with a lot of flowers and greenery.
Location: North of Serpentine City
Region: Rikoto
Generations: WTI
Location of Serpentine Garden in Rikoto.
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Serpentine Garden is a small garden in Rikoto which lies to the north of Serpentine City.


A little garden in which one finds an abundance of rose bushes. Even the tall grass in this area is filled with flowers. A fountain marks the center of the garden. It is a place Donna, the Gym Leader of Serpentine City, likes to visit. Before you are able to challenge her, you have to find her here.


Item Location
Bag Silver Powder Sprite Silver Powder In the southwest corner
Bag Potion Sprite Potion In the northwest corner
Bag Antidote Sprite Antidote In the northeast corner


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
HamstarMini Hamstar
Grass Grass
5-7 30%
BudcheepMini Budcheep
Grass Grass
5-7 30%
LavenseedMini Lavenseed
Grass Grass
4-6 25%
CheepipMini Cheepip
Grass Grass
4-6 10%
PixweeMini Pixwee
Grass Grass
4-6 5%
PixweeMini Pixwee
Headbutt Headbutt
6-8 35%
DoveheartMini Doveheart
Headbutt Headbutt
5-7 35%
ElecritterMini Elecritter
Headbutt Headbutt
6-8 20%
MoonkyMini Moonky
Headbutt Headbutt
6-8 10%


Trainer Pokémon
Bug Catcher Lillian
Reward: PokémonDollar128
PixweeMini Pixwee Lv.8
No item
Lass Sady
Reward: PokémonDollar168
CheepipMini Cheepip Lv.7
No item
LavenseedMini Lavenseed Lv.7
No item
Youngster Jerome
Reward: PokémonDollar168
HamstarMini Hamstar Lv.7
No item
HamstarMini Hamstar Lv.7
No item
Bug Catcher Paul
Reward: PokémonDollar112
StickitMini Stickit Lv.7
No item
JumpleMini Jumple Lv.7
No item
Trainers with a telephone symbol by their names will give their Pokégear number to the player, and may call or be called for a rematch with higher-level Pokémon.

Name origin

Serpentine is most likely from the fact that it is near Serpentine City, and it is a garden.

In other languages

Language Title Meaning
German Rosador-Garten Rosador (from the German for Serpentine City) and Garten

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