Shield Dust is an Ability introduced in Generation III.

Shield Dust
Flavor text
Blocks the added effects of attacks taken.


In battle

When the Pokémon is damaged by an attack, any additional effects are negated (similar to the attacker having Sheer Force, but without increasing damage). For example, Body Slam would only deal damage and not have its usual 30% chance of causing Paralysis. It does not stop moves that do not cause damage, like Thunder Wave. Shield Dust also prevents poisoning from Poison Touch.

Outside of battle

Shield Dust has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Shield Dust

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Hypnopuff Hypnopuff Psychic Poison Forewarn Shield Dust Analytic
Hypnosmog Hypnosmog Psychic Poison Forewarn Shield Dust Analytic
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