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Steel Fairy

The Steel type is one of the eighteen types.

Battle properties

Offensive SteelIC Big Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
IceIC Big
RockIC Big
FairyIC Big
½× BugIC Big
DragonIC Big
FlyingIC Big
GrassIC Big
IceIC Big
NormalIC Big
PsychicIC Big
RockIC Big
SteelIC Big
FairyIC Big
½× ElectricIC Big
FireIC Big
SteelIC Big
WaterIC Big
FightingIC Big
FireIC Big
GroundIC Big
None PoisonIC Big


There are 17 Steel-type Pokémon, which is 4.75% of all Pokémon (not counting forms).

Pure Steel-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type

Half Steel-type Pokémon

Primary Steel-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#147 IrimpMini Irimp Steel Flying
#148 BlimpoonMini Blimpoon Steel Flying
#152 BarballMini Barball Steel Poison
#153 BarbviralMini Barbviral Steel Poison
#265 HamawlMini Hamawl Steel Water
#266 SilviciousMini Silvicious Steel Water
#288 MystabletMini Mystablet Steel Psychic
#293 MoliceMini Molice Steel Ice
#294 TundrillMini Tundrill Steel Ice

Secondary Steel-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#120 StegronMini Stegron Rock Steel
#120 StegasteelMini Stegasteel Rock Steel
#122 AtomixMini Atomix Electric Steel
#123 AtomotroMini Atomotro Electric Steel
#124 AtomotrixMini Atomotrix Electric Steel
#129 DynaballMini Dynaball Fire Steel
#130 ExplonadeMini Explonade Fire Steel
#144 MoostrikeMini Moostrike Normal Steel
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