List of Trainer classes

Generation WT I

Sprite Name Description Appearance
TrainerBugCatcherM Bug Catcher Bug Catcher♂appear early on in the game, and will commonly use Bug type Pokémon such as Stickit and Spidox.
TrainerBugCatcherF Bug Catcher♀ Like their Male counterparts, Bug Catcher♀appear early on in the game, and use Bug type Pokémon such as Pixwee and Glovee.
TrainerYoungster Youngster Youngsters are more commonly found at the beginning of the game, and will use a wide variety of Pokémon, such as Cheepip and Hamstar.
TrainerLass Lass Lasses like Youngsters more commonly appear at the beginning of the game, and use Pokémon such as Rubball and Lophug.
TrainerSchoolkidM1 Schoolkid Schoolkids♂use weaker Pokémon such as Elecritter and Paracaw, and will usually be able to battle at the beginning of the game.
TrainerSchoolkidF1 Schoolkid Like their Male counterparts, Schoolkids♀are found towards the beginning of the game and use weaker Pokémon, such as Lavenseed and Floby.
TrainerTeacher Teacher Teachers can occasionaly be found alongside Schoolkids throughout the region. They use stronger Pokémon than schoolkids, like Nimblow and Rubbunny.
TrainerTwins Twins Twins use the double battle style, and will usually use Pokémon that are similar or counterparts, such as two Dovehearts or Shrubsea and Weedsea.
TrainerPreschoolerM Preschooler Preschoolers♂are the youngest trainers around the region and will usually use one Pokémon.
TrainerPreschoolerF Preschooler Preschoolers♀are the youngest trainers around the region and will usually use one Pokémon.
TrainerNurseryAide Nursery Aide Nursery Aides are usually found alongside Preschoolers, and will use stronger Pokémon than them to ensure protection.
TrainerPokemonRangerM Pokémon Ranger Pokémon Rangers♂appear throughout the game and will use a range of different Pokémon.
TrainerPokemonRangerF Pokémon Ranger Pokémon Rangers♀appear throughout the region and will use a wide range of different Pokémon.
TrainerWaiter Waiter
TrainerWaitress Waitress
Poké kid
Poké Maniac
TrainerHiker Hiker Hikers tend to use Rock, Steel, Fighting or Ground type Pokémon such as Golkid, Armostone and Toron. They are usually found dotted around in Caves and Mountains.
TrainerWorker ice Worker
TrainerBackpackerM Backpacker
TrainerBackpackerF Backpacker
TrainerFisherman Fisherman Fisherman are found next to water, and will battle using Water Pokémon they caught when they were fishing, such as Guppish and Bubole.
TrainerDoctor Doctor Doctors are special trainers, in the way that they will heal your Pokémon if you beat them. They will use Pokémon like Atomix and Geckone.
TrainerNurse Nurse Nurses are the female counterpart to Doctors, and upon completing battle, they will restore your Pokémon back to health. They Pokémon like Anglish and Lavenbell.