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The Undiscovered Egg Group is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. This Egg Group contains 11 Pokémon.

Despite being called an Egg Group, none of the Pokémon in it can breed, not even with a Formling.

Pokémon in the UndiscoveredEgg Group

Only in this Egg Group

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#348 TerradonMini.png Terradon Ground Unknown
#349 TigacoreMini.png Tigacore Fire Unknown
#350 SearineMini.png Searine Water Unknown
#351 TornadowlMini.png Tornadowl Flying Unknown
#352 AetheraMini.png Aethera Electric Unknown
#353 SolaranMini.png Solaran Fire Psychic
#354 LunaroMini.png Lunaro Dark Psychic
#355 CellanceMini.png Cellance Normal Psychic
#356 HealthiaMini.png Healthia Fairy Grass
#357 PollusionMini.png Pollusion Poison Dark
#358 GemmanyMini.png Gemmany Rock Fairy